Foggia boilers maintenance

Interventi programmati di manutenzione caldaie a Foggia con assistenza tecnica specializzata.

Ordinary interventions

Maintaining your heating system in a state of perfect efficiency is essential for have a perfect microclimate within the domestic spaces, making them pleasant and welcoming all year round. The Climatic Equilibrium offers an efficient maintenance and assistance service, with accurate controls and flexible solutions tailored to all needs.

Scheduled maintenance

With scheduled periodic interventions.

High performances

We improve the performance of the plant thanks to accurate controls.

Energy efficiency

No heat loss, reduced consumption and greater savings.
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Living comfort

Keeping your system in perfect condition ensures maximum thermal comfort.
Air quality
A well regulated boiler improves the quality of the air we breathe and reduces the level of polluting emissions.
Condizionatori di qualità
Perfect livability
Make your home environments healthy and livable by regularly checking your system.
Staff specializzato
Specialized staff
Our technicians also carry out the maintenance of stoves and air conditioning systems.
Manutenzione condizionatori

When to check?

Our technicians carry out an accurate check of the correct operation of the boiler with cleaning of the components and updating of the system booklet. Boiler maintenance must be performed at least once a year. In addition to routine maintenance, the combustion efficiency can be checked every two years to measure the emissions level and assess the efficiency of the plant. A valid alternative to the gas boiler is the diesel system which offers considerable advantages in terms of technical and energy yield, environmental impact and economic savings. Contact us for any clarification on the routine maintenance of your system.